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Hospital/Institutional Errors

Chicago Hospital Error Attorneys

Representing Illinois Victims of Hospital Errors in Medical Malpractice Claims

Hospitals and medical institutions are charged with tending to the medical needs of their patients, whether in the emergency room, at childbirth, or during surgery. Not only are doctors, nurses and other hospital employees obligated to treat patients in accordance with the appropriate standard of care, but hospitals are also required by law to obey certain safety regulations and standards.

When a hospital or any of its doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons or other medical professionals fails to provide the appropriate standard of care or fails to obey applicable laws and regulations, the hospital may be liable in a medical malpractice action for any resulting injuries and deaths.

At Cogan & Power, P.C., our Chicago hospital malpractice attorneys have the skill and experience you need to pursue a medical malpractice claim against a hospital or other medical institution. We use a collaborative approach to legal representation, which allows us to draw on our attorneys’ diverse and extensive backgrounds, including that of a former surgical nurse, two former defense attorneys, and former in-house counsel at a teaching hospital, so that we can get our clients the compensation that they need and deserve.

We regularly obtain substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients, including $11.4 million for a man whose cervical cord was injured when his head fell from the head-holder during surgery and $2.4 million for the surviving husband of a woman who died as a result of the hospital’s failure to properly monitor electrolytes, resulting in brain edema, herniation, cardiac arrest, and death.

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Types of Hospital Malpractice

Some common types of hospital errors include:

Failure to hire or provide

doctors and nurses with the necessary level of education and training

Failure to monitor a patient
Failure to stabilize a patient
Failure to consult with a specialist
Communication errors
Use of defective medical devices
Prescription errors
Emergency room errors
Failure to diagnose
Anesthesia errors
Obstetric negligence
Surgical errors

Compensation Available in a Medical Malpractice Claim

If a hospital is found liable in a medical malpractice lawsuit, it may be required to provide compensation to the victim for:

Medical expenses
Lost income
Cost of care
Pain and suffering
Loss of normal life

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