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How is a medical error determined as the cause for a birth injury?
December 16, 2014
In the United States, most pregnancies conclude with a healthy live birth. However, this is not always the case. Many [& ...
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How much weight does Illinois allow tractor trailers to haul?
December 15, 2014
There are federal weight limits set on tractor trailers, as well as the specific requirements set by individual states. ...
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Is the nursing home giving your loved one antipsychotic drugs unnecessarily?
December 14, 2014
The federal government has strict requirements for nursing home facilities to ensure the protection and proper care of t ...
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Will Illinois lawmakers approve more speed cameras?
December 13, 2014
Illinois currently has a speed camera law that restricts their placement to cities of more than 1 million residents. Chi ...
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More drivers engaging in taking selfies behind the wheel
December 12, 2014
Most social media websites include millions of self-portraits, or selfies, which are typically taken with smartphones. T ...
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More tractor trailers expected to appear on U.S. roads over the next several years
December 11, 2014
According to the American Trucking Associations, the forecast for freight economy includes continued growth. The ATA For ...
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Watch out for drunk drivers this holiday season
December 10, 2014
Millions of people include alcohol in their holiday celebrations, and this is reflected in the number of injury and fata ...
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4 signs that you should seek a second medical opinion
December 09, 2014
The medical field is increasingly complex, and time pressures and advanced technology result in a process that prevents ...
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Surgical sponges often left behind, causing patients permanent damage
December 08, 2014
The Illinois Department of Health is required to report adverse medical events, which are also called “never” events ...
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$10 billion spent on hospital infections every year
December 04, 2014
In a study aimed at promoting patient safety, Harvard researchers recently found that hospitals are spending approximate ...
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