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If you have suffered an injury in an accident or lost a loved one because of another person's negligence, call the personal injury attorneys who, for decades, have made a difference to thousands of people throughout the Chicago region. Call Cogan & Power, P.C., Attorneys at Law - The professional expertise you need; the personal attention you deserve.

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Our attorneys have litigated complex injury and medical malpractice cases in both federal and state court.

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Michael P. Cogan is a trial attorney who spends his days in the courtrooms of Illinois fighting for victims' rights. His law firm, Cogan and Power, P.C., Attorneys at Law, has obtained over $250 million on behalf of injured people.

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Recovering Damages After a Hit-and-Run Accident

accident car on the tow truck, wrongful death

Hit-and-run accidents claim lives in Illinois each year, but it is possible for families of victims to recover damages if they have uninsured motorist coverage or if the drivers are found. People who elect uninsured motorist coverage on their insurance policies have added protection in place so that they or their loved ones may recover damages when drivers flee. Drivers are mandated to remain … [...]

Failure to Diagnose Can Have Fatal Consequences

closeup of a doctor, medical malpractice

Failure to diagnose and treat a medical condition can have serious, potentially lethal consequences for patients. Delays in diagnosis can cause undue pain and suffering, and a delay in treatment can make it possible for conditions such as cancer to progress from treatable to terminal. The Causes of Misdiagnosis Misdiagnosis in Chicago hospitals is caused by a number of factors that include the … [...]

When ER Doctors Commit Malpractice

emergency room, medical malpractice

Although ER doctors are often forced to make quick decisions about the care of their patients, there are no special legal protections in place for physicians in hospital emergency rooms when medical mistakes are made. Emergency medical situations can be very chaotic, but ER doctors and staff members can still be held liable for damages when sub-standard care causes harm to a patient. An … [...]

Surgical Site Infections are a Festering Risk

surgical room, medical malpractice

Surgical site infections occur in up to 5% of all surgical procedures. These infections can have serious consequences for patients. In cases where these infections are undiagnosed and untreated, the consequences can be fatal. In fact, infection is the primary cause of death in up to 75% of patients who die in the postoperative period. Causes of Surgical Site Infections In 2011, the CDC recorded … [...]

Who Can Sue in Illinois Wrongful Death Claims?

a coffin with flowers, wrongful death

When a person wrongfully dies because of the actions of another in Illinois, the Illinois Wrongful Death Act outlines the parties who may sue the negligent or wrongful actor. In Illinois, the person who files a wrongful death lawsuit must be the estate's personal representative, and he or she must file the complaint on behalf of the estate. A Chicago wrongful death attorney may assist a personal … [...]

When Spring Projects Take the Spring Out of Your Step

power tool, personal injury

Each year, the use of work tools and power tools results in nearly 400,000 emergency room visits. Many of these occur in the Spring when construction projects pick up and homeowners set to work on home repair projects. The Most Dangerous Tools Riding Lawn Mowers - Riding lawn mowers cause nearly 37,000 hospital visits a year. These machines can tip over or roll over body parts which can cause … [...]

Hazards of the Railroad Industry

thumbnail_Railroad Industry Hazards

The railroad industry has one of the most dangerous work environments in the United States. Each year, about 3,000 railroad accidents result in thousands of serious injuries and fatalities around the nation. In fact, the rate of fatality injuries for railroad workers is approximately double that of other industries. The lowest rate of work-related accidents in the railroad industry that was ever … [...]

What Parents Should Know About Birth Injury

thumbnail_Parents Should Know About Birth Injury

According to Birth Injury Guide, an average of 3 children per hour are born with birth injuries in the United States. They appear in more Caucasians than blacks or Hispanics, and rural areas see 33% more than urban ones. Malpractice involving the use of instruments is frequently the cause. Symptoms such as breathlessness and difficulty swallowing may indicate an injury has occurred. (Article … [...]

Advanced Technology to Battle Birth Injuries

a new born baby's foot, birth injury

Although most infants are born without significant complications, the rate of birth injuries in the United States is still quite alarming. Approximately 7 out of every 1,000 American infants suffer some type of birth injury. That means that there are about 28,000 birth injuries each year in the U.S., which is an average of 76 each day, and around 3 each hour. Advances in technology, however, could … [...]

Requirements For Proving Liability Under FELA

railroad workers, FELA Liability

Railroad workers who are injured on the job in Illinois may recover benefits from their employer under the Federal Employers Liability Act, but they must first prove that their employers were liable for their accidents and resulting injuries. There are several elements that the workers must prove in order to hold their employers liable for their injuries. If the employer provided a defective … [...]

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