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Our attorneys have litigated complex injury and medical malpractice cases in both federal and state court.

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Michael P. Cogan is a trial attorney who spends his days in the courtrooms of Illinois fighting for victims' rights. His law firm, Cogan and Power, P.C., Attorneys at Law, has obtained over $250 million on behalf of injured people.

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How Does a Certificate of Merit Affect a Medical Malpractice Claim?

certificate template, personal injury

Medical malpractice cases in Illinois must be supported by a certificate of merit or they can be dismissed and the plaintiff denied recovery. Precise procedural guidelines must be carefully followed to ensure that the case moves forward. Certificate of Merit Foundation In Illinois, a plaintiff who is filing a medical malpractice claim is required to file a certificate of merit at the time of … [...]

Hospital Malpractice Claims Show a High Rate of Severe Injuries

claims folder, personal injury

According to recent studies, malpractice claims made against hospitals have a high rate of severe injuries. When injuries result from negligence or substandard care, a patient has the legal right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit with an injury lawyer. Hospital Malpractice Claims In a recent study of hospital malpractice claims between 2007 and 2014 involving over 2,100 hospitals, the rate … [...]

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Suit?

law gavel, wrongful death

If a third party's negligence or the wrongful act of someone has resulted in the death of a loved one, the victim's immediate family members may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit with the help of wrongful death lawyers. These claims are intended to compensate family members of the deceased person for losses resulting from the death. Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim? While all states … [...]

Insulin Involved in Half of Medication Errors in U.S.

hand with a shot, medical malpractice

The U.S. Pharmacopeia Medication Errors Reporting Program reports that the commonly used drug insulin is involved in nearly half of the 1.3 million injuries and over 300 deaths that result from medication-related errors in the U.S. every year. When improperly administered, insulin can cause hypoglycemia, gastrointestinal distress, decreased renal function, seizures, cardiovascular issues, coma and … [...]

How Social Media Can Affect Personal Injury Claims

social media apps, personal injury

Incriminating social media posts often have an impact on court decisions, unbeknownst to the claimant at the time of posting. In a 2014 study, Pew Research Center found that 74 percent of adult internet users also used social media, a number that has since grown. Many of these individuals like to frequently share their thoughts or feelings about something that happened to them over Facebook and … [...]

Tackling the Truth About Underride Crashes

underride crash, truck accident

Underride crashes almost always result in serious, life changing injuries. Many of these accidents cause permanent disability and even death. Fortunately, many of the injuries and fatalities that occur due to these types of crashes can often be prevented. In recent years, safety advocates, trucking companies, large truck manufacturers and lawmakers have evaluated the facts surrounding underride … [...]

Disclosure of Material Risks For Informed Consent Before Surgery

a patient in hospital, medical malpractice

Prior to surgery, patients must be told about the material risks of the procedure in order to give their informed consent. If their doctors fail to inform them and they are injured, they may be able to hold the doctors liable for damages through medical malpractice lawsuits. In order to prevail on their cases, injured plaintiffs must prove that their doctors failed to inform them of the material … [...]

Understanding Illinois Medical Malpractice Statutory Limits and Caps

limits, personal injury

Patients and their loved ones are required to file their medical malpractice suit against the person or persons considered to have been negligent or taken unnecessary risks within two years of when they became aware of the malpractice. The amount of time a person has to file varies based on several different factors, including when the issue was discovered and the age of the patient at the time of … [...]

Recovering Damages After a Hit-and-Run Accident

accident car on the tow truck, wrongful death

Hit-and-run accidents claim lives in Illinois each year, but it is possible for families of victims to recover damages if they have uninsured motorist coverage or if the drivers are found. People who elect uninsured motorist coverage on their insurance policies have added protection in place so that they or their loved ones may recover damages when drivers flee. Drivers are mandated to remain … [...]

More Accidents Videoed Because Digital Technology Now So Advanced, Affordable

using smart phone, personal injury

The proliferation of smartphones, dashcams, and inexpensive digital cameras has had a considerable impact on the gathering of digital evidence to use in personal injury cases. These highly portable devices can gather real-time images of the accident as well as the property damage and personal injuries that result. The information that is gathered frequently removes all doubt regarding the factors … [...]

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