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12 Causes of Medical Malpractice
December 31, 2015
Considering the thousands of medical events that occur daily in Illinois doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics, medi ...
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Medications that Cause Birth Injuries Require Clear Labels
December 20, 2015
The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has recently upheld a jury verdict of $3 million that was awarded to Kelly & [&he ...
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Surgeons Committing Inexcusible Surgical Errors
December 15, 2015
Few things are as frightening as having to go under the knife. When patients enter the operating room, they trust [&hell ...
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Bad Medicine: When Anesthesioligists Get it Wrong
December 08, 2015
The risk of serious injury or death increases anytime a surgery requires the administration of general anesthesia. Gener ...
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Chain Reaction Accidents Increase in Adverse Weather
December 01, 2015
Chain reaction accidents are becoming increasingly common. Congested roadways and adverse weather conditions increase th ...
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Railroad Worker Gets $22.47 Million for Amputation of Left Heel
November 23, 2015
Railroad worker gets $22.47 million for amputation of left heel Chicago FELA attorneys at Cogan & Power, P.C. obtain ...
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Railroad Conductor Struck by Train Loses Both Legs
November 20, 2015
George T Brugess wins a $33 million settlement in a record high Illinois FELA verdict. Jury Verdict Case Details F.E.L.A ...
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GlaxoSmithKline Faces Growing Number of Lawsuits
November 20, 2015
Drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline is facing more than 200 lawsuits alleging that anti-nausea medicine Zofran has caused ...
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Winter Weather Increases Risk of Slip & Fall Injuries
November 20, 2015
Weather forecasters are predicting that the Midwest will enjoy a winter that’s drier and milder than normal, thanks to ...
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Illinois Appellate Ruling May Raise the Bar for Plaintiffs
November 18, 2015
An October ruling by the Illinois Appellate Court, Second District, may make it more difficult for medical malpractice v ...
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