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Emergency Room Errors

Chicago Emergency Room Errors Attorneys

Representing Illinois Victims of Emergency Room Errors in Medical Malpractice Claims

Emergency rooms are often hectic environments where overworked doctors and nurses rush to treat patients who may have waited hours to be seen. Given the frenzied pace, emergency room doctors and nurses may not always give their patients the medical attention they need. When an emergency room doctor or nurse fails to diagnose, or misdiagnoses a patient’s medical condition, or discharges a patient who should have been admitted into the hospital, the patient may suffer serious injury or death. In those cases, the doctor or nurse can be sued for damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The Chicago emergency room malpractice attorneys at Cogan & Power, P.C. focus on representing the victims of medical malpractice, including those who have been injured or have died as a result of emergency room errors. We have obtained a number of notable verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients, including $2.7 million in a case involving an emergency department’s failure to diagnose and treat a killer headache (subarachnoid hemorrhage) in a 41-year-old woman.

By using a collaborative approach to legal representation, we are able to draw on the diverse backgrounds of our attorneys, including a former hospital lawyer with experience on both sides of the courtroom, and a former surgical nurse whose career spans the courtroom and the operating room.

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What Emergency Room Errors Can Occur?

One of the most common emergency room errors is the failure to properly diagnose. Although ERs are busy, chaotic places, medical professionals have an obligation to fully examine each patient in order to make a diagnosis. The failure to properly examine a patient or review medical test results can result in a misdiagnosis and, as a result, delayed or inappropriate medical treatment.

Other common types of emergency room errors that may constitute medical malpractice include:

Failure to diagnose heart attack
Failure to follow up after discharge
Inadequate discharge instructions
Misinterpreting tests
Failure to order appropriate tests
Misreading x-rays, ultrasounds, and other medical reports

How Can Cogan & Power Help?

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an emergency room error, do not hesitate to contact the skilled Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Cogan & Power at (312) 477-2500 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about a possible medical malpractice claim. If you cannot come to our offices in downtown Chicago, we will come to you. And because we take cases on a contingency basis, you will not pay any fee unless we get you compensation.