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Truck Accident

Run Off the Road by a Trucker?

May 20, 2021

Large commercial trucks may run other vehicles off the road, potentially resulting in serious or fatal accidents. Semi-trucks sharing the roads with smaller vehicles carry their share of risks. One such possible hazard involves truckers moving intentionally or unintentionally into other lanes and causing other vehicles to run off the road.

Why Run-Off-the-Road Accidents Happen

A variety of factors may contribute to run-off-road accidents involving semi-trucks. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that driver performance errors, including poor vehicle control and overcompensation, and decision errors frequently play a role in run-off-road collisions. Distraction, alcohol or drug use, and health conditions may also cause such wrecks.

What Should Drivers Do After Getting Run Off the Road by a Trucker?

Drivers who get run off the road by large commercial trucks and crash may benefit by immediately taking steps to protect themselves and their rights. After a run-off-road accident, drivers should assess themselves and any passengers for injuries. If they can get out of their vehicles, they may do so and go about gathering information from the scene, including the trucker and truck’s information, witness contact details, and photos. Such information and evidence may prove useful should victims decide to pursue insurance or legal claims.

Who Is Liable for Run-Off-Road Crashes?

Depending on the circumstances, the truckers who cause run-off-road collisions may bear liability for injuries resulting from such accidents. If a trucker’s negligence or recklessness caused another driver to run off the road and crash, the trucker may have financial responsibility for the other driver’s injuries and property damage. For instance, a person injured after a large truck caused his or her vehicle to run off the road and crash may hold the trucker financially responsible if the trucker was distracted or under the influence at the time of the accident.

What Damages Are Recoverable for Run-Off-Road Accident Injuries?

Through insurance settlements or legal action, people injured in run-off-road crashes may recover financial compensation for their injury-associated losses. For example, this may include damages to cover their up-to-date medical costs and the costs of any future medical needs resulting from the accidents, their lost wages resulting from time away from work to recover, and any lost earning capacity they may have suffered due to their injuries. People may also have a right to pursue compensation for non-economic losses, such as their physical and emotional pain and suffering.

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