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$22.47 Million | Amputation of Left Heel

In a verdict that was upheld in August of 2017, Cogan & Power P.C. attorneys secured $22.47 million for a railroad worker on the 51st Street yard, who was reorganizing railroad cars on several tracks. The complaint alleges that less than two months earlier, the railroad replaced switches and track, creating a safety hazard for workers in the yard. In making changes to the configuration, the railroad turned previously parallel tracks into an unsuspecting trap because they converged too closely for safe passage. The jury ultimately agreed that the railroad was responsible for creating the dangerous condition and failing to properly inform employees at the 51st street yard, including the plaintiff.

The plaintiff suffered a traumatic amputation of his left heel at the scene. When he arrived at the hospital, doctors found that the back half of his foot had no skin covering any of the essential structures. He had severed nerves, torn tendons and ligaments and needed a 15 square-inch skin graft cut out from his thigh to cover the heel area. (Read More…)