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Nerve Damage

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At Cogan & Power, P.C., our skilled Chicago personal injury attorneys focus on representing clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries, including nerve damage and paralysis. We will work to get you the compensation that you need and deserve. We understand the pain and devastation caused by nerve damage. We take a personal interest in our clients, and strive to help them recover financially, physically, and emotionally. We recently obtained a nearly $10 million record-breaking verdict on behalf of a medical student who had sustained career-ending nerve damage and chronic regional pain syndrome. And because we treat every client as a member of our professional family, our friendships with clients often last long after their cases have been resolved.

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Causes of Nerve Damage

Nerve damage often occurs when the nerves are compressed, stretched, or severed. In many cases, nerve damage can be permanent, since little can be done to repair a severed nerve. Compressed nerves may be improved by surgery, rest, and physical therapy.

Nerve damage may be caused by:

Surgical Errors
Auto Accidents
Commercial Trucking Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Public Transportation Accidents
Construction Accidents
Slip and Falls

Recovering Damages for Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can be a serious and permanent condition. Nerves act as the body’s communications network, by sending messages, or impulses, from the brain to muscles and organs throughout the body. Nerve damage disrupts the brain’s signals and can affect the body in a variety of ways.

Those who have suffered nerve damage as a result of the negligence of another may be entitled to compensatory damages and, possibly, punitive damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Punitive damages are meant to punish the negligent party for his or her wrongdoing, and deter future grossly negligent or intentional wrongdoing. Compensatory damages include:

Medical expenses
Lost income (past and future)
Loss of normal life
Pain and suffering

Proven Track Record of Success

Our vast experience representing clients in personal injury cases allows us to assess the possible damages, analyze the probability of success, and vigorously advocate on your behalf. Our Chicago nerve damage attorneys are skilled negotiators who will seek to obtain a favorable settlement, but if one is not possible, our skilled Chicago accident trial attorneys will vigorously fight for your rights in a court of law.

Pain injuries are often exacerbated by medical malpractice. Our skill and experience as top Chicago medical malpractice attorneys afford us the comprehensive legal and medical knowledge necessary to pursue pain injury claims and obtain substantial verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.

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If you or a loved one has suffered nerve damage as a result of a personal injury accident or medical malpractice, contact the Chicago personal injury law firm of Cogan & Power at (312) 477-2500 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your rights and remedies. If you cannot come to our offices in downtown Chicago, we will come to you. And because we take cases on a contingency basis, you will not pay any fee unless we get you compensation.