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$33 Million | Railroad Worker Suffers Double Leg Amputation

$33 million for a railroad worker in Rock Island, Illinois. On the morning of Easter Sunday, the plaintiff was working as a conductor for the defendant, Iowa Interstate Railroad, switching cars in the railroad’s Rock Island yard, when he was struck by a train. He sustained massive degloving to his upper thighs and lower abdomen, fractures to both legs and multiple areas of his pelvis, and subsequent surgical amputation of both legs. The plaintiff contended the railroad was negligent in that it violated numerous safety rules while switching cars; the train cars involved did not uncouple because of a non-responsive pin lifter, unsafe yard conditions caused him to trip on a hole near a newly installed railroad tie, and the railroad violated federal communication regulations governing train operations. The $33 million award is a record verdict for a single plaintiff in Rock Island County as well as the highest F.E.L.A. verdict in JVR’s records. (Read more from The Cook County and Illinois Jury Verdict Reporter)

$22.47 Million | Amputation of Left Heel

In a verdict that was upheld in August of 2017, Cogan & Power P.C. attorneys secured $22.47 million for a railroad worker on the 51st Street yard, who was reorganizing railroad cars on several tracks. The complaint alleges that less than two months earlier, the railroad replaced switches and track, creating a safety hazard for workers in the yard. In making changes to the configuration, the railroad turned previously parallel tracks into an unsuspecting trap because they converged too closely for safe passage. The jury ultimately agreed that the railroad was responsible for creating the dangerous condition and failing to properly inform employees at the 51st street yard, including the plaintiff.

The plaintiff suffered a traumatic amputation of his left heel at the scene. When he arrived at the hospital, doctors found that the back half of his foot had no skin covering any of the essential structures. He had severed nerves, torn tendons and ligaments and needed a 15 square-inch skin graft cut out from his thigh to cover the heel area. (Read More…)

$16.3 Million | Baby suffers Cerebral Palsy, Seizures and Blindness

16.3 Million The two-year-old plaintiff underwent skull surgery for separate premature skull sutures at ACMC. After a successful surgery, she was then transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).
The PICU team failed to complete a post-op CBC order for over five (5) hours, resulting in a failure to timely diagnose ongoing bleeding and inadequate circulating blood volume. The Plaintiff suffered global hypoxic brain injury as a result of the failure to timely monitor, perform the CBC and intervene. She currently suffers from cerebral palsy, cortical blindness, seizure disorder and is wheelchair bound.

$15.1 Million | Failure to Diagnose Leads to Stage IV Terminal Cancer

$15.1 Million for an Adler College professor who, at the age of 56, was seen at Edward Hospital, and underwent a CT angiogram ordered by her cardiologist to rule out a cardiac aneurysm. She did not know that her cardiologist’s partner at Midwest Heart Specialists, Ltd. would be interpreting the study. This doctor did not report a suspicious 1.4cm mass present in the left lung. Over time the woman developed slurred speech, headaches, and gait changes and underwent tests at Edward Hospital which ultimately resulted in a diagnosis of lung cancer that had metastasized to the brain. She underwent craniotomy and Gamma knife procedures to remove the three brain mets and then was begun on standard chemotherapy. Further tests revealed that her cancer had numerous mutations including a rare EGFR Rad-51 mutation/fusion. She is currently living with stage IV terminal cancer with a life expectancy of 2-4 years. (Read the Jury Verdict Report)

$11.4 Million | Cervical Fusion Revision – Defective Pin Tip Device

$11.4 Million for the surviving family of a man who died as a result of injuries sustained during a cervical fusion revision at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He was rendered a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic for 2 years and subsequently died from his injuries. The healthcare defendants claimed a pin tip on the head-holder device had fractured, causing the catastrophe. The hospital threw away the pin tips, then sued the product defendants. Both the plaintiffs and the product defendants had spoliation claims against the healthcare defendants.

$8.75 Million | Medical Malpractice 

$8.75 Million for 32 year-old female who presented for a dilation and curettage during which Fentanyl and Propofol were administered. Immediately after the procedure, a code was called which lasted approximately 2 hours and the plaintiff was intubated and admitted to the ICU. She suffered from Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy.

$7.65 Million | Product Liability 

$7.65 Million – A salesperson was demonstrating a piece of construction equipment known as a man lift to a potential client. The man lift platform collapsed due to corrosion and deterioration of a critical connection that was necessary to maintain the platform in a level position, and the plaintiff was thrown some 30 feet to the ground. It was alleged that the plaintiff failed to provide a lanyard or other fall protection to his client. The plaintiff suffered acute and permanent injuries to his ankle and lower back.

$7.00 Million | Vascular Surgery Negligence

$7.00 million for the school teacher whose left common iliac vein was punctured by a Weiss Memorial Hospital surgery fellow during an elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair surgery. The torn vein caused the man to have multiple subsequent surgeries including a 4-compartment fasciotomy, bone resections, thrombectomies, and five plastic surgeries. He ultimately underwent open transmetatarsal amputations bilateral of the feet. The injury also caused kidney damage, heart damage and chronic lymphedema. (Read the Settlement Report in the Cook County Jury Verdict Reporter)

$6.99 Million | Shipyard Truck Accident Case

$6.99 Million – Cook County, IL, March 24, 2012- In a case that was resolved during trial in Cook County Circuit Court, a 46-year old man who was run over by a tractor  three years ago at a Will County shipping yard will receive a $6.99 million settlement as compensation for his injuries. Mr. X, a truck driver, was walking across the Yard to check on his cargo when fellow truck driver Mr. Y began to execute a three-point turn. Mr. Y., failing to notice Mr. X, backed his tractor over his body below the waist, resulting in fracture and crush injuries to the pelvis, legs and feet. According to Mr. X’s attorneys, John. M. Power, a partner at Cogan & Power P.C., and his colleague, Jon C. Papin, Mr. X sustained permanent injuries from the incident that include pain in the back and legs and erectile dysfunction.
(Read the Article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$6.8 Million | Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident

$6.8 Million for a 24 year-old-man who was killed on an Illinois expressway after a collision with a commercial motor vehicle.

$6.0 Million | Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

$6.0 Million in an obstetrical negligence case where the obstetrician failed to move forward with delivery in response to subtle irregularities in fetal monitor tracing. The child was born oxygen-deprived and was subsequently diagnosed with athetoid cerebral palsy.

$5.6 Million | Baby Sustained Brain Injury

$5.6 Million for a baby who sustained brain injury shortly before birth, resulting in life-long neurological deficits and spastic cerebral palsy. This is the highest settlement of a medical malpractice case reported from Vermilion County.

$5.58 Million | Permanent Brain Injury

$5.58 Million for a 5-1/2 month-old girl who received an overdose of 3% sodium chloride at Roseland Hospital which resulted in a permanent brain injury.

$5.5 Million | Reye Syndrome

$5.5 Million for a two-year-old child who suffered brain damage, due to failure to diagnosis and treat Reye Syndrome.

$5.06 Million | Herniated Disc

$5.06 Million for a man who underwent back surgery at Riverside Medical Center. Approximately 13 months following fusion surgery, he was asked to pull a sled with 170 pounds on it during a Functional Capacity Evaluation. He immediately herniated a disc above the fusion and required further surgery.

$5.00 Million | Clinic Negligence

The U.S. government will pay nearly $5 million to settle a lawsuit accusing personnel at a federally funded clinic of failing to tell a patient about a string of abnormal Pap smears. The suit alleged the patient’s death at the age of 31 could have been prevented if follow-up tests had been performed during one of her numerous visits to the Friend Family Health Center on Chicago’s South Side. Her treatable cervical dysplasia developed into cancer and metastasized throughout her body. (Read the Article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$4.96 Million | Medical Malpractice

Female presented for a dilation and curettage during which Fentanyl and Propofol were administered. Immediately after the procedure a code was called which lasted approximately 2 hours and the plaintiff was intubated and admitted to the ICU. She suffered from Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy.

$4.95 Million | Cervical Dysplasia Develops Into Cancer

$4.95 Million for a 31-year-old mother of four who died as a result of the negligence of the physicians at a health center. Her very treatable cervical dysplacia was allowed to change and grow into cancerous cells, which metastasized throughout her body until she passed away.

$4.7 Million | Electrocution and Broken Bones

$4.7 Million for a man who was painting a Lincoln Park building when his ladder contacted live electrical wires. He was thrown to the ground and suffered  burns to 40% of his body, plus fractures to both heels, multiple ribs, and thoracic vertebrae. Despite numerous surgeries he has not returned to work.

$4.5 Million | Misdiagnosis Leads to Early Kidney Transplant

$4.5 Million for a young man with kidney disease who was misdiagnosed at the University of Chicago. Even at the time of misdiagnosis, the patient had one kidney that was badly damaged (he suffered kidney disease since birth) and the “good” kidney had some damage as well. As a result of the misdiagnosis and delay in making the correct diagnosis, he went into end stage renal disease (ESRD) much sooner than he would have and required a transplant at the age of 14. The case settled pre-suit, so Cogan and Power, P.C was not faced with the challenge of proving how long the patient’s “good” but already damaged kidney would have lasted before he required a transplant….(Read the Article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$4.12 Million | Spinal Injury in School Parking Lot

$4.12 Million for a Joliet school official who suffered a spinal injury when she was dragged alongside a truck following a delivery. The assistant principal was arguing with the driver about delivering equipment to the wrong part of the school. The driver started to drive his truck away while she was leaning through his open driver-side window. She was pulled 10 to 20 feet and struck her face and head on the side of the truck….(Read the Article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$4.05 Million | Titanium Mesh

$4.05 Million for a 45-year-old woman suffered an eye injury in a car accident. A plastic surgeon incorrectly placed a titanium mesh and screws into the eye area, causing nerve entrapment and requiring additional surgery to remove the plate and screws. The woman continues to suffer from left-sided facial pain and takes pain medication.

$4.00 Million | Woman Injured In School Parking Lot

$4.00 Million for a Joliet school official who suffered a spinal injury when she was dragged alongside a truck following a delivery. The assistant principal was arguing with the driver about delivering equipment to the wrong part of the school. The driver started to drive his truck away while she was leaning through his open driver-side window. She was pulled 10 to 20 feet and struck her face and head on the side of the truck… (Read the Article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$4.00 Million | C-section and Hypoxic Ischemic Injury

$4.00 Million for the family of 21-year-old woman who underwent a C-section with a spinal anesthesia. During the procedure she developed shortness of breath which the plaintiff alleged was the result of a high spinal. As a result of the compromised respiration effort, the woman suffered a hypoxic ischemic injury due to inadequate oxygenation and perfusion. She ultimately died from the injury.

$3.95 Million | Medical Malpractice Leads to Amputation

$3.95 Million settlement for a 41-year-old female who presented to the defendant’s emergency room with a blood alcohol level of .357, and a tibiofibular fracture after a fall at home. The defendants failed to recognize the fracture’s severity and allowed displaced bone to damage the popliteal artery causing ischemia and death of the right leg resulting in amputation.

$3.80 Million | Feeding Tube in Lung

$3.80 Million for the estate of a man who died after doctors inserted a feeding tube into one of his lungs. The radiologist at Advocate Christ Medical Center failed to identify and report an incorrectly placed feeding tube in the patient’s right lung before they began feeding him. The remainder of the staff failed to identify and correct the problem, causing his death. The estate settled its wrongful death suit for $3.8 million. (Read the Article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$3.75 Million | Settlement Subject to Confidentiality Agreement

$3.75 Million to a married man with several children. Plaintiffs allege that the excess insurance company wrongfully disclosed incorrect coverage levels and wrongfully denied coverage. During the pendency of the coverage dispute, the excess insurer paid $3,750,000 to resolve all claims.

$3.7 Million | Liver Failure

$3.7 Million for the surviving family of a 38-year-old who suffered liver failure from excessive doses of extra-strength Vicodin.

$3.3 Million | L4-S1 Fusion After Rear-End Collision

$3.30 Million for an electrician who was stopped at a red light in Aurora when his vehicle was rear-ended by a garbage truck. The incident caused lumbosacral herniations that necessitated three  surgeries including an L4-S1 fusion.

$3.25 Million | Misdiagnosed Fungal Infection

$3.25 Million for a 60 year-old husband and father admitted to a south side community hospital with a painful and swollen knee and thigh. After admission to the hospital the patient, Edward Harmon developed a hospital acquired pneumonia. It was presumed by the defendant, Tajudeen Ogbara, M.D., that the infection in Mr Harmon’s leg and the pneumonia were caused by the same bacteria. The pneumonia responded to antibiotics but the leg became worse despite multiple surgeries by defendant, Dr James Davis, D.O., to cut out infected and dead tissue. After a time the family decided to have Mr. Harmon transferred to the University of Chicago Hospital. On the day of admission a fungal culture, not a bacterial culture, was done for the first time and it came back positive. Mr. Harmon was put on anti-fungals but the fungus had already reached his lungs. After a long downhill course he died. Despite the defense’s contention that fungal infections are quite rare in this part of the country the family of Edward Harmon was awarded a $3.25 million settlement.

$3.25 Million | Brain Aneurysm Wrongful Death Suit

$3.25 Million – We represented the estate of a woman who died from an untreated brain aneurysm after several visits to doctors and hospitals in the days before her death. The patient was given pain medicine and medication to treat a sinus infection but was not given any radiographic studies to determine if any larger issues were the cause of her persistent headache.
(Read the Article in The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$3.2 Million | Wrongful Death Suit with Hospital and Physicians

$3.2 Million – The husband of a woman who died from complications after a hysterectomy has received a $3.2 million wrongful death settlement in Cook County Circuit Court….The patient, her abdomen rigid and swollen, was readied for surgery. A hole was discovered in her colon, which allowed fecal matter and gastric liquids to seep into her abdominal cavity after the hysterectomy.
(Read the Article in The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$3.05 Million | Fetal Distress

$3.05 Million in a medical malpractice case where the infant was born with cerebral palsy after physicians failed to diagnose fetal distress.

$3.0 Million | Pulmonary Embolism Causes Death in Hospital

$3.0 Million settlement for woman’s family after she was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital following a car crash. The patient was treated for a pelvic fracture. Doctors recommended she receive fragmin, an anti-coagulant, to protect her from developing deep vein thrombosis. She was never given the fragmin. The patient developed a massive saddle pulmonary embolism and died two days after she was admitted to the hospital…(Read the Article in The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$3.0 Million | Hospital Fails to Protect Patient

$3.0 Million settlement for 4 victims of improper administration of medications at a local hospital. All patients were apparently victims of the suspect’s rogue actions at a hospital. After an investigation, the suspect was never identified.

$3.0 Million | Herniated Disk, Nerve Damage & Obstructed Bile Duct.

$3 Million for a woman who was walking into a pool at the Westin Rio Mar Beach Resort in Puerto Rico when she slipped and fell on exposed concrete. As a result of her slip and fall injuries, she needed to undergo multiple surgeries to treat a herniated disk, nerve damage, and an obstructed bile duct.

$3.0 Million | Death of 7 year old

$3 Million for the family of a 7- year-old boy who suffered respiratory arrest and died after treatment at St. Francis Hospital. Doctors had performed conscious sedation on the boy in conjunction with a lumbar puncture

$3.0 Million | Colon Cancer Medical Malpractice

$3 Million in a medical malpractice suit against a Chicago doctor for failing to diagnose colon cancer in a man in his forties. The patient was told on numerous doctor visits that he had hemorrhoids. He is now battling colon cancer and is considered pre-terminal.

$3.0 Million | Lacerated Artery in Car Accident

$3.0 Million for a man who’s car was hit by a taxi at Mannheim and Higgins. He suffered a lacerated artery in his chest and now has post-traumatic amnesia and permanent weakness in both legs which has disabled him.

$2.9 Million | Baby Dies from Birth Injuries

$2.9 Million for the surviving family of a one-year-old baby who died from injuries sustained at birth.for the surviving family of a one-year-old baby who died from injuries sustained at birth.

$2.9 Million | Work Injury

$2.9 Million settlement. The defendant AutoZone Inc. provided the plaintiff with an unsafe tractor-trailer on which to work: the truck had a ¼ inch gap between the liftgate in the bed of the trailer. Plaintiff, a 51-year-old male was loading merchandise with the pallet jack. The pallet jack became stuck in the gap, which caused our client to lose balance and fall from the truck. The client sustained a severe leg injury and that necessitated a below the knee amputation.

$2.8 Million | Wrongful Death Colon Cancer Failure to Diagnose

$2.8 Million verdict in a wrongful death case, where the doctor had failed to diagnose colon cancer in a 39-year-old man.

$2.75 Million | Northshore University Doctors Fail to Order Cancer Testing

$2.75 Million – The family of a cancer patient was awarded $2.75 million when physicians at Northshore University Healthsystem failed to order a PET scan and/or a needle biopsy which resulted in a delay in the diagnosis of the patient’s lung cancer between November 2006 and June 2010. Diagnosis at stage I would have resulted in a cure rate of approximately 80%.
(Read the Article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

$2.7 Million | Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

$2.7 Million in a medical malpractice case involving an ER department’s failure to diagnose and treat a “killer headache” (subarachnoid hemorrhage) in a 41-year-old woman.

$2.6 Million | Pneumonia Death

$2.6 Million for the surviving family of a 14-year-old girl who was brought to the University of Illinois at Chicago with breathing problems, loss of appetite and a history of blood in her sputum. After being treated and released, she was readmitted one day later. Doctors diagnosed pneumonia and advised that there was a hole in her lung requiring surgery. She did not survive the surgery.

$2.5 Million

$2.5 Million jury verdict. Jury verdict for the family of an 18-month-old child who was struck and killed by the defendant’s grocery delivery van. The defense claimed that the child wandered from the sidewalk as her mother left her unattended while she retrieved groceries from the grocery delivery van.

$2.5 Million | Medical Malpractice Leads to Wrongful Death

$2.5 Million settlement for the surviving husband of a 23-year-old female who underwent an appendectomy in September 2009. Subsequent to the appendectomy, an infection spread, leading to complications and, ultimately the patient’s death. We alleged that the defendant hospital failed to timely recognize and treat the infection and that the patient could have survived if the defendant had not been negligent.

$2.4 Million | SIADH Induced Hyponatremia

$2.4 Million for the surviving husband of a 26-year-old woman who was admitted to Columbus Hospital with known viral encephalitis. Medical personnel at Columbus Hospital failed to properly monitor electrolytes resulting in SIADH (syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone) induced hyponatremia with resultant brain edema, herniation, cardiac arrest, and death.

$2.29 Million | Sidewalk Ice Slip and Fall

$2.29 Million for a plaintiff who slipped and fell on an unnatural accumulation of ice next to a downspout in  a subdivision in Algonquin. The subdivision, the general contractor and the subcontractor failed to bend the downspout so it would drain into the dirt rather than the walkway. The plaintiff suffered a tear at L5-S1 which required a fusion and eventually insertion of a spinal cord stimulator.

$2.25 Million | Wrongful Death of Baby

$2.25 Million for a mother who had brought her two-week-old infant to the hospital, complaining that her baby was vomiting and not feeding well. The doctor examined the newborn and discharged him. The following day the baby was hospitalized again and died. A Kane County jury returned a $2.25 million verdict which is a record high for a medical malpractice and wrongful death verdict or settlement in Kane County, according to the Jury Verdict Reporter.

$2.1 Million | Breech Baby Dies

$2.1 Million for a woman who went to Ingalls Hospital in labor with a baby who was in breech position. A difficult vaginal delivery ensued, resulting in a twenty-five-minute delay, during which time the baby’s head was stuck in the birth canal. The baby died 2 years later from complications resulting from this difficult labor.

$2.1 Million | End Stage Renal Failure

$2.1 Million for a Crohn’s Disease patient who’s doctor prescribed Colazal for almost 3 years but failed to order lab tests to monitor BUN and creatinine levels. The patient suffered end stage renal failure and is now awaiting a kidney transplant.

$2.09 Million | Misdiagnosed Metastatic Malignant Melanoma

$2.09 Million for the family of a patient who died when metastatic malignant melanoma spread to his lungs and brain. Four years earlier a pathologist read a specimen submitted by the patient’s dermatologist to be ‘benign nevus’. After the patient’s death the specimen was reviewed and determined to be melanoma.

$2.05 Million | Undiagnosed Cholangitis Leads to Death

$2.05 Million for the surviving family of a 56-year-old husband and father who had been admitted to Lutheran General Hospital to determine the cause of obstructive jaundice. After undergoing diagnostic ERCP, the plaintiff developed cholangitis (infection of the bile duct) which went undiagnosed, and resulted in sepsis, septic shock, cardiac arrest, and the patient’s death.

$2.00 Million | Dialysis Patient Bleeds to Death

$2.00 Million for the family of a 39-year-old mother who bled to death when the bleeding of her dialysis fistula could not be controlled. The day before a dialysis treatment she went to the emergency room for spontaneous bleeding where the bleeding was stopped. During dialysis the next day she received the treatment without any bleeding. The next day, her fistula resumed bleeding and could not be controlled. She was taken via ambulance to the hospital and died there from exsanguination.

$2.0 Million | Cardiac Arrest From Blood Loss

$2.00 Million for the estate of a 59-year-old man who died following a TURP procedure that resulted in a cardiac arrest from blood loss. A drop in pre-operative hemoglobin of 14.2 to 5 in the ICU was the cause of the arrest.

$2.0 Million | Motor Vehicle Accident

$2.0 Million for the surviving family of a 15-year-old child who was admitted to the hospital with multiple leg fractures following a motor vehicle accident. The patient was subsequently transported by helicopter to a trauma center, where the patient died in surgery. The case involved the failure by physicians at all three locations to properly treat blood loss that ultimately resulted in death. According to the Jury Verdict Reporter, this is a record high settlement for the death of a 15-year-old child.

$2.0 Million | Hunting Accident

$2.0 Million for the surviving family of a 43- year-old man who died as a result of positional asphyxia after falling from a deer hunting tree stand manufactured by a Mississippi company. Plaintiff filed a product liability lawsuit, claiming that the defendant should have provided a full body harness which would have prevented his death. According to the Jury Verdict Reporter, this is a record high settlement or verdict in a hunting accident.

$2.0 Million | Failure to Diagnose Cardiac Arrest Signs

$2.0 Million as the defendants failed to properly respond to a man’s complaints of cardiac signs and symptoms, resulting in death from cardiac arrest while he was driving himself to the emergency room.

$2.0 Million | L5-S1 Herniation with Fusion

$2.0 Million for the plaintiff who was knocked unconscious and suffered L5-S1 herniation with fusion when the defendant, who was turning left from westbound Randolph onto southbound Clark, struck him as he crossed with the light. The defendant’s ex-girlfriend testified she warned him about the pedestrian in the intersection but he was too distracted by his cell phone conversation to pay attention to the warning; the plaintiff therefore added a willful and wanton count to the charges and was granted leave to seek punitive damages.

$1.9 Million | Delay in Lung Cancer Diagnosis

$1.9 Million for a 61-year-old smoker who underwent a chest x-ray, which was read as normal. The x-ray was in fact abnormal resulting in an eighteen-month delay in the diagnosis, by which time lung cancer had spread to her brain and bones.

$1.83 Million | Icy Slip and Fall

$1.83 Million for a 29-year-old female who was exiting a gas station when she slipped and fell on an icy asphalt ramp. The fall caused the woman to experience complex regional pain syndrome which resulted in the placement of a spinal cord stimulator.

$1.83 Million | Sponge left Inside Body

$1.83 Million for a 27-year-old woman who had a sponge left inside her body during a partial hysterectomy to treat endometrosis. The infection led to further surgeries and the loss of part of her colon and all of her internal sex organs. This case resulted in a $1.305 million record high Kane County verdict. Our attorneys appealed, claiming that the jury failed to award certain damages. The case subsequently settled for $1.83 million.

$1.75 Million | CT Orbit Straight Infusion

$1.75 Million for a 58-year-old man who underwent a “”CT Orbit Straight Infusion”” which was interpreted by Dr Rubushka. It was alleged that the doctor failed to report abnormalities and the presence of air bubbles within the brain of the patient. The patient suffered from a large abscess on his brain and underwent two craniotomies and numerous surgical procedures.

$1.75 Million | Negligent Optometric Evaluation and Treatment

$1.75 Million for a 58-year-old man who was never adequately advised regarding the effects of high pressures on his eyes. After ten years of treatment the man has severely impaired functional vision in his left eye and mildly impaired vision in his right eye as a result of untreated glaucoma.

$1.75 Million | Anterior Compartment Syndrome

$1.75 Million in a medical malpractice case against a physician who failed to timely diagnose and treat anterior compartment syndrome in a 12-year-old girl’s lower leg, resulting in nerve injury, foot drop and disfigurement.

$1.75 Million | Infant Bowel Obstruction Death

$1.75 Million for medical malpractice due to delayed diagnosis and delayed surgery of a twisted bowel of a five-day-old infant who died after surgery. The baby’s family contended that the doctor failed to timely diagnose the twisted bowel and timely transfer the baby to a hospital with a pediatric surgeon. The hospital was negligent for not informing the nursing staff of doctor availability and the nursing staff was failed to timely start an IV, administer fluids, give antibiotics and recognize altered mental status.

$1.7 Million | Birth Injury Leads to Death

$1.7 Million for a birth injury case where the child died two years after birth. (Macon County)

$1.7 Million | Post Op Opiate Intoxication

$1.7 Million for the family of a university football player who died after right knee surgery. The doctor refused to admit the patient to the hospital despite reports of continued uncontrolled pain. The doctor’s nurse ordered an increase in Dilaudid dosage. That afternoon, after the plaintiff fell asleep, his mother found him unresponsive and cold and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Toxicologists concluded the plaintiff died from opiate intoxication.

$1.68 Million | Lower Back Fusion Surgery

$1.68 Million settlement for injuries sustained in connection with lower back fusion surgery.

$1.5 Million | Permanent Nerve Injury

$1.5 Million for a patient who underwent surgery for a herniated disc. During the surgical procedure, the defendant improperly positioned a right L4-5 facet joint screw into the neuroformen causing impingement of the existing L5 nerve root. The patient suffers from a permanent nerve injury

$1.5 Million | Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)

$1.5 Million for a plaintiff who alleged that physicians at Tinker Air Force Base (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) had failed to detect fetal distress, resulting in oxygen deprivation and brain injury to a newborn. The case involved the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA).

$1.5 Million | Deep Vein Thrombosis

$1.5 Million for the surviving family of a 62-year-old male who presented with swelling in his lower leg two weeks after undergoing open-heart bypass surgery. The cardiologist claimed that on physical examination he had successfully ruled out the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis. Two days later, the patient presented to a hospital with significant shortness of breath and died shortly thereafter of a pulmonary embolus. At autopsy, thrombi were found in both calves.

$1.5 Million | Death of Infant Medical Malpractice

$1.5 Million in a hospital negligence case in which the hospital failed to diagnose and treat a volvulus in a 6-day-old infant, leading to his death. This is the highest medical malpractice jury verdict from DuPage County involving the death of a baby or child.

$1.5 Million | Wrongful Death Recovery Despite Decedent’s Significant Contributory Negligence

$1.5 Million settlement. The settlement was reached for the family of the husband and father of three who was killed when his vehicle collided with a Rent-A-Center truck. The defense argued that the decedent caused the accident as he was extremely intoxicated (BAC .247, which is over 3 times the legal limit) and swerved into the defendant’s lane of traffic.

$1.48 Million | Medical Malpractice Verdict

$1.48 Million jury verdict. We obtained this jury verdict for the family of a 72-year-old female who presented to University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital with signs and symptoms of internal bleeding. We proved that the physicians at the hospital failed to timely recognize and treat to the internal bleeding, ultimately causing the patient’s death. The defense refused to offer any money to avoid trial and settle the case.

$1.45 Million | Pulmonary Embolism

$1.45 Million in a medical malpractice case against a doctor who failed to diagnose and treat a pulmonary embolism in a 46-year-old unemployed, chronically ill patient with renal failure. The medical records were missing. Our attorney reconstructed records via physician order sheets dredged from the archives of the hospital pharmacy.

$1.43 Million | Permanent Cognitive Dysfunction

$1.43 Million for a single mother who was left with permanent cognitive dysfunction after an attempted suicide. Her treating psychiatrist had previously terminated her treatment because the patient failed to pay an outstanding bill for services.

$1.4 Million | Death from Bacterial Pneumonia

$1.4 Million for the family of a woman who went to the Loyola E/R due to a high fever, dry cough, chest congestion and other symptoms. A chest x-ray was read as “normal” by the E/R attending physician and a radiology resident and she was discharged with a diagnosis of bronchitis. The next morning, the attending radiologist reviewed the x-ray, and identified “equivocal increased interstitial/vague density in the right lung base” but did not notify the E/R attending–incorrectly assuming that all reports were automatically sent to the E/R for appropriate follow-up. As a result the patient’s bacterial pneumonia was not diagnosed, no antibiotics were prescribed and she died.

$1.35 Million | Unnecessary Lumpectomy

$1.35 Million for a 52-year-old woman who underwent an unnecessary lumpectomy of her breast and SLNB, subsequently developing a rare, but reported, nerve injury.

$1.35 Million | Bad Faith Claim

$1.35 Million for the family of a motorcycle rider who was killed when the defendant turned in front of him. The Plaintiff’s attorneys demanded the defendant’s $20,000 policy to settle the claim but the defendant’s insurer refused the offer. After the suit was filed the insurer paid its $20,000 policy and $1.33 million to resolve the bad faith claim.

$1.3 Million | Failure to Diagnose Cancer

$1.3 Million settlement for the family of a 52-year-old woman from defendant physicians who allegedly failed to diagnose and treat the patient’s lung cancer evident on x-ray eight months prior to when it was actually diagnosed.

$1.25 Million | Auto Accident Pain and PTSD

$1.25 Million for a 27-year-old woman involved in an auto accident who sustained a mild TBI, torn meniscus, PTSD and chronic pain. She also claims to be unable to return to work.

$1.25 Million | Auto Accident Back Pain

$1.25 Million for a man who was driving southbound when an eastbound truck with an attached trailer pulled out in front of him. He suffered an L5S1 herniation which, despite a discectomy and fusion  causes residual back pain and range of motion restrictions.

$1.2 Million | Fractured Leg & Traumatic Brain Injury

$1.2 Million for two teenage brothers who were hit by a car while crossing in the crosswalk at Lane Technical High School in Chicago. The younger brother suffered a fractured leg and traumatic brain injury. The older brother suffered emotional distress from the incident.

$1.2 Million | Failure to Diagnose Gallstones

$1.2 Million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a physician who failed to diagnose and treat a gallstone attack, resulting in infection and subsequent surgeries.

$1.2 Million | Death from Pulmonary Embolism

$1.2 Million for the family of a woman who died after hernia surgery when the doctor failed to treat her for a risk of pulmonary embolism.

$1.1 Million | Failure to Diagnose

$1.1 Million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against a physician who failed to diagnose and treat a vascular abnormality, resulting in a below-the-knee amputation in a 42-year-old woman (Macon County).

$1.1 Million | GI Bleeding

$1.1 Million for the family of the defendant when defendants negligently allowed stress GI bleeds to occur, then mishandled their treatment, leading to tachycardia, hypoxia, and death. She is survived by her husband and five children.

$1.1 Million | Death of Premature Baby

$1.1 Million awarded to the family of a baby born prematurely. Due to concerns regarding potential placental abruption and non-reassuring fetal heart tones, Baby Jonathan was delivered via emergency C-section at 23-24 weeks gestation. As is often the case with premature babies, Jonathan was given  doses of morphine sulfate for sedation. However, this lawsuit charged that on 6-8 occasions Jonathan received doses that were 10-20 times the recommended amount for his weight and allegedly led to hypotension, renal failure, multi-system organ failure, sepsis, and his death.

$1.04 Million | Death from Toxemia

$1.04 Million was awarded to the family of a woman who died of toxemia upon admission to the hospital while in active labor.

$1.01 Million | Failure to Diagnose Pituitary Tumor

$1.01 Million for a woman who’s doctors failed to diagnose a prolactin-secreting pituitary tumor, reulting in surgical removal of her pituitary gland and a lifetime need for low-dose prednisone.

$1.0 Million | Severe Muscle/Tissue Damage

$1.0 Million for a 34-year-old man who suffered a leg injury at work. Hospital physicians failed to diagnose an infection, which necessitated numerous surgeries, resulting in severe muscle and tissue damage, as well as leg scarring.

$1.0 Million | Medical Malpractice

$1.0 Million in a medical malpractice case that involved a delayed diagnosis of colon cancer. The plaintiff experienced rectal bleeding for which his gastroenterologist performed two colonoscopies. The doctor failed to detect colon cancer. The man was later diagnosed and treated for colon cancer. After undergoing a partial liver resection at the University of Chicago, there has been no recurrence of his cancer and his prognosis is positive.

$1.0 Million | Back Pain & Nerve Damage

$1.0 Million for a 47 year-old woman who went to her doctor for three years with varying degrees of back pain. When she switched doctors, an MRI showed progressive problems with her spine. Two operations were immediately performed, and a vascular abnormality was found. The patient has constant back pain and nerve damage.

$1.0 Million | Coronary Bypass

$1.0 Million for the surviving family of a 73-year-old man who died after doctors performing a 5-vessel coronary bypass surgery failed to perform a necessary procedure.

$1.0 Million | Fracture of Right Tibia and Wrist

$1.0 Million for a man who was struck by a car while crossing Park Avenue in Wilmette. His fractured right tibia and right wrist both required surgery.

$1.0 Million | Bilateral Below-the-Knee Amputations

$1.0 Million was awarded as doctors at Hines VA Hospital failed to perform arterial studies, including but not limited to an arteriogram, and failed to request a consultation from a vascular surgeon when the plaintiff presented them with calf pain and swelling in his left  foot. He sustained bilateral below-the-knee amputations as a result of the defendant’s actions.

$937,000 | Injured Back for Railway Worker

$937,000 for a 26-year-old railway worker who injured his back moving a 400 pound railroad car drawbar after a coupling failed. The injury resulted in a discectomy and a 2-level lumbar arthroplasty.


$700,000 settlement for the family of a 72-year-old female who was transferred to a nursing home for postoperative care following a hip fracture repair surgery. We alleged that the nursing home failed to monitor the patient’s risk for blood clots. Indeed, the patient developed a blood clot and died of a pulmonary thromboembolism.


$600,000 settlement for the family of an 81-year-old man who resided in an assisted living community. We brought sued the assisted living community for allowing a man who was subsequently convicted of murder to enter its facility and commit murder.


$500,000 settlement after completing a trial and while the jury was deliberating in a suicide case. We represented the son of a Chicago firefighter who committed suicide less than 24 hours after discharge from the University of Chicago Medical Center. Throughout the litigation and up until trial, the defense refused to offer any money to settle the case. After closing arguments and while the jury was deliberating the defendant hospital agreed to settle the case for $500,000.


$400,000 jury verdict for the brother of a severely disabled man who fell at a state-operated developmental center. Mr. Murphy was able to prove at trial that a nurse at the developmental center failed to take the proper precautions after the fall to prevent further injury to the resident’s spinal cord. The resident suffered complications from his injury and Mr. Murphy proved that the nurse’s failure to take the proper precautions aggravated the resident’s injury and was a creature because to his death.

$350,000 | Retail Property Slip and Fall

$350,000 for a 36-year-old physical trainer who slipped and fell on soapy water left behind by the defendant’s cleaning company inside the vestibule of a retail property. He suffered a lacerated finger, shoulder impingement syndrome requiring surgery, and soft-tissue lower back and hip injuries requiring pain injections.

$100,000 | Son of Murdered Couple Receives Favorable Judgment

$100,000 for the son of a West Rogers Park couple murdered 34 years ago. A man serving life in prison for murder was awarded a $100,000 reparation for his claims he was tortured by Chicago police, but that money will go directly to the surviving son of a couple he killed 34 years ago. In 1983, Jerry Mahaffey and his brother Reginald entered the West Rogers Park home of Dean and Jo Ellen Pueschel through an open bathroom window, struck then 11-year-old Richard in the head with a baseball bat and stabbed him before entering his parents’ room — where they beat and killed Dean, before raping and killing Jo Ellen in the kitchen. (Read the article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

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