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$33 Million | Railroad Worker Suffers Double Leg Amputation

$33 million for a railroad worker in Rock Island, Illinois. On the morning of Easter Sunday, the plaintiff was working as a conductor for the defendant, Iowa Interstate Railroad, switching cars in the railroad’s Rock Island yard, when he was struck by a train. He sustained massive degloving to his upper thighs and lower abdomen, fractures to both legs and multiple areas of his pelvis, and subsequent surgical amputation of both legs. The plaintiff contended the railroad was negligent in that it violated numerous safety rules while switching cars; the train cars involved did not uncouple because of a non-responsive pin lifter, unsafe yard conditions caused him to trip on a hole near a newly installed railroad tie, and the railroad violated federal communication regulations governing train operations. The $33 million award is a record verdict for a single plaintiff in Rock Island County as well as the highest F.E.L.A. verdict in JVR’s records. (Read more from The Cook County and Illinois Jury Verdict Reporter)

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$22.47 Million | Amputation of Left Heel

In a verdict that was upheld in August of 2017, Cogan & Power P.C. attorneys secured $22.47 million for a railroad worker on the 51st Street yard, who was reorganizing railroad cars on several tracks. The complaint alleges that less than two months earlier, the railroad replaced switches and track, creating a safety hazard for workers in the yard. In making changes to the configuration, the railroad turned previously parallel tracks into an unsuspecting trap because they converged too closely for safe passage. The jury ultimately agreed that the railroad was responsible for creating the dangerous condition and failing to properly inform employees at the 51st street yard, including the plaintiff.

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$16.3 Million | Baby suffers Cerebral Palsy, Seizures and Blindness

16.3 Million The two-year-old plaintiff underwent skull surgery for separate premature skull sutures at ACMC. After a successful surgery, she was then transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

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$15.1 Million | Failure to Diagnose Leads to Stage IV Terminal Cancer

$15.1 Million for an Adler College professor who, at the age of 56, was seen at Edward Hospital, and underwent a CT angiogram ordered by her cardiologist to rule out a cardiac aneurysm. She did not know that her cardiologist’s partner at Midwest Heart Specialists, Ltd. would be interpreting the study. This doctor did not report a suspicious 1.4cm mass present in the left lung. Over time the woman developed slurred speech, headaches, and gait changes and underwent tests at Edward Hospital which ultimately resulted in a diagnosis of lung cancer that had metastasized to the brain. She underwent craniotomy and Gamma knife procedures to remove the three brain mets and then was begun on standard chemotherapy. Further tests revealed that her cancer had numerous mutations including a rare EGFR Rad-51 mutation/fusion. She is currently living with stage IV terminal cancer with a life expectancy of 2-4 years. (Read the Jury Verdict Report)

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$11.4 Million | Cervical Fusion Revision – Defective Pin Tip Device

$11.4 Million for the surviving family of a man who died as a result of injuries sustained during a cervical fusion […]

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$11.1 Million | Van Collision Results in Spinal Injury

$11.1 Million for a man who sustained a spinal injury in a van collision with a semi-trailer. Jacob Eitel sued his […]

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$8.75 Million | Medical Malpractice

$8.75 Million for 32-year-old female who presented for a dilation and curettage during which Fentanyl and Propofol were administered. Immediately after […]

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$7.65 Million | Product Liability

$7.65 Million – A salesperson was demonstrating a piece of construction equipment known as a man lift to a potential […]

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$7.00 Million | Negligence for Vascular Surgery

$7.00 million for the school teacher whose left common iliac vein was punctured by a Weiss Memorial Hospital surgery fellow during an elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair surgery. The torn vein caused the man to have multiple subsequent surgeries including a 4-compartment fasciotomy, bone resections, thrombectomies, and five plastic surgeries. He ultimately underwent open transmetatarsal amputations bilateral of the feet. The injury also caused kidney damage, heart damage and chronic lymphedema. (Read the Settlement Report in the Cook County Jury Verdict Reporter)

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$6.99 Million | Shipyard Truck Accident Case

$6.99 Million – Cook County, IL, March 24, 2012- In a case that was resolved during trial in Cook County Circuit Court, a 46-year old man who was run over by a tractor three years ago at a Will County shipping yard will receive a $6.99 million settlement as compensation for his injuries. Mr. X, a truck driver, was walking across the Yard to check on his cargo when fellow truck driver Mr. Y began to execute a three-point turn. Mr. Y., failing to notice Mr. X, backed his tractor over his body below the waist, resulting in fracture and crush injuries to the pelvis, legs and feet. According to Mr. X’s attorneys, John. M. Power, a partner at Cogan & Power P.C., and his colleague, Jon C. Papin, Mr. X sustained permanent injuries from the incident that include pain in the back and legs and erectile dysfunction.
(Read the Article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin)

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