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John Power Highlighted in Chicago Lawyer Magazine

John Power Highlighted in Chicago Lawyer Magazine

John Power of Cogan and Power was recently interviewed by Chicago Lawyers Magazine. The article ran in the below column called The Life of P.I.. During the interview, John was asked “What challenges do you face that previous generations of personal injury lawyers did not? Read his response below:

Life of P.I.:
A look at personal injury from some of the field’s next frontrunners

By Chicago Lawyer Staff

There’s a certain set of personal-injury lawyers in Chicago who, over the course of decades, have become standard-bearers for the profession. Instead of talking to them, Chicago Lawyer spoke with a few veteran attorneys who stand a serious shot of making that short list in the future to learn how the field of personal injury is evolving. It’s not an exclusive or definitive list, and the interviews have been edited for length.

Chicago Lawyers staff writers Emily Donovan, Lauren P. Duncan, Andrew Maloney, Patricia Manson, David Thomas, and Lauraan Wood contributed to this report.

John Power- Founding partner, Cogan & Power

Age: 54 Years at firm: 4

Law School: Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Practice area: Medical malpractice, trucking and railroad

What challenges do you face that previous generations of personal-injury lawyers did not?

I think the personal-injury practice of law has evolved because the non-malpractice companies are taking a stricter approach to cases. They’re challenging every aspect of medical care. They’re fighting every front of the case, even in obvious liability cases, and it’s because the juries are being tougher, so I think the environment for plaintiffs is more difficult, and I think it’s harder to take smaller cases because every case will be fought tooth and nail. It’s making it more difficult for plaintiffs with smaller cases to gain good representation and get good results because litigation costs have gone up. On the medical-malpractice side, with the statistics of jury verdicts being 80 percent-plus for the defendants, I feel the insurance companies feel emboldened to try a lot of cases that should be settled.

John Power Featured in Chicago Lawyer Magazine from Cogan and Power, P.C.

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