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If you have suffered an injury in an accident or lost a loved one because of another person's negligence, call the personal injury attorneys who, for decades, have made a difference to thousands of people throughout the Chicago region. Call Cogan & Power, P.C., Attorneys at Law - The professional expertise you need; the personal attention you deserve.

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Our attorneys have litigated complex injury and medical malpractice cases in both federal and state court.

Illinois Accident Attorneys
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Michael Cogan, Founding Partner

Michael P. Cogan is a trial attorney who spends his days in the courtrooms of Illinois fighting for victims' rights. His law firm, Cogan and Power, P.C., Attorneys at Law, has obtained over $250 million on behalf of injured people.

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Medical Malpractice, Legal Malpractice, Personal Injury,
Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA)

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Vehicle Accidents

10 Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Spring is coming and with it more driving for scenic trips, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day weekend, June weddings, and then summer vacations. Sadly, there will also be literally millions of motorists who suffer accidents on American roads in the months ahead. For the protection of themselves and their families, the best thing those motorists can do before a trip is to prepare. Getting a car … [...]

10 Things that Could Improve Trucking Safety

At Cogan & Power, P.C., we are dedicated to protecting the rights of trucking accident victims and putting unsafe and illegally operating trucking companies out of business so that they can't hurt more people. As we recently reported, there has been a surge in trucking accidents and we believe that there are a number of ways to improve trucking safety, including the following: Impose … [...]

30 percent of all deaths caused by severe brain injuries

A Payson, Arizona teenager was recently killed after he sustained a head injury while using a zip line. ABC 15 reports that the 15-year-old boy was participating in a troop activity at a private residence when the accident occurred. The boy climbed onto the zip line before the safety equipment was installed and struck a tree. He was pronounced dead at Payson Medical Center due to the effects of … [...]

4 sources of driver distractions, excluding cell phones

Driver distraction has become an increasingly large problem in the U.S. in the past few years. Cell phone use makes it easier than ever to become distracted while driving. A Chicago car accident attorney knows that there are other potentially dangerous actions that can take motorists’ minds off the task of driving. Drivers should remember that the following four actions, in addition to cell phone … [...]

After Report On Deadly Crash, FMCSA Updates “High-Risk” Carrier Rules

In January 2014, just outside of Naperville, a DND International driver struck an emergency response vehicle, killing one and injuring two more. The driver and the company had a long history of vehicle neglect, causing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to label DND International a "high-risk carrier." … [...]

An Alarming Recent Surge in Trucking Accidents

An eye-opening investigative report on CNBC indicates an alarming trend in the trucking industry – a surge in trucking accidents. In fact, trucking accidents happen 11 times every single day in this country on average, killing nearly 4,000 people each year and injuring more than 100,000 people every year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. And the problem has been … [...]

Are Current Trucking Regulations Strict Enough?

Truck driver fatigue is a major cause of trucking accidents and, in an effort to reduce the amount of fatigued truckers on the road, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enacted new regulations which took full effect last summer. Among other limitations, the truckers and trucking companies are required to comply with the following requirements: Maximum average work week for … [...]

Are You Safer Sitting in the Front or Rear Seat?

Are you frequently an automobile passenger? If so, take heed: New research has examined the safest places to sit when riding in an automobile. The Safest Seat in an Injury-Producing Automobile Accident An Australian study of automobile accidents has found that passengers riding in the back seats of a car sustain much more serious injuries than those who are riding in the automobile's front seat. … [...]

Are Your Kids Safe on the School Bus?

  School buses are one of the most popular modes of transportation for getting children to and from school. In fact, an estimated 24 million children get to school via school bus each day. Not only are school buses an efficient mode of transportation, but they are also an economical mode of transportation, keeping approximately 17.3 million cars off roads surrounding schools each … [...]

Auto Accidents with the Company Car

  Many employers provide their employees with a company car for job-related use. Issues of liability become complicated, however, when the employee is in a car accident while driving the company car. Depending on the circumstances of the car accident, the driver’s employer may be held liable for any resulting injuries or damages. For instance, if the employer was negligent in its … [...]

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