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Boeing 737 MAX Crashes: What Went Wrong?
April 15, 2019
In October 2018, Lions Air Flight 610 crashed into the Java Sea 12 minutes after taking off from an airport […] ...
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Are Endorsers Liable for Defective Products?
January 24, 2018
Individuals who endorse products can be held liable for product liability suits for making false claims and engaging in ...
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GM’s faulty ignition switch found responsible for 7 deaths so far
April 10, 2015
When people in Illinois purchase a new car, they expect that car to operate free of any manufacturing or design [&hellip ...
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The risks of using defective sports equipment
March 21, 2015
A previous blog post discussed lawsuits filed by professional hockey players who suffered concussions. The lawsuits clai ...
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When injuries from defective airbags kill
March 20, 2015
Chicago motorists rarely consider how the components of their vehicles can affect their safety. Sometimes, the very feat ...
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Over 70,000 lawsuits concerning transvaginal mesh devices still unsettled
March 03, 2015
Women in Illinois who suffer from pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence may choose to have surgery in ord ...
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Gun maker sued over defective mechanism
January 16, 2015
Many Illinois residents are avid gun enthusiasts. Some people collect them in the same way that other people collect sta ...
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The hidden risks inside an energy drink can be fatal
October 11, 2014
Energy drinks are marketed in Illinois as a healthy way to boost energy and metabolism for better physical and mental [& ...
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Medical Device Recalls on the Rise
May 13, 2014
The number of safety recalls of medical devices nearly doubled from 2003 to 2012, according to a report released in [&he ...
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Who Is Liable for Defective Medical Devices?
May 13, 2014
Tens of millions of Americans rely on medical devices, such as artificial joints and pacemakers, to improve their health ...
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